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Wear each of our headbands styled in 4 different ways!



I had never been able to wear headbands before. I have a small, strange shaped head, things pop off the back. So i started with just this one to try it out, see if it might work. WOW. The design is perfect. With the tie at the neck, the headband stays all day. You can tighten it if you need to, and there is no head or neck strain. These things are genius. I have gone on to order tons more. And the fabrics and colors offer so much choice. I'll never try another headband again!

Katie Page

The headbands from Blue Eyed Baby Couture are the only ones I've found so far that do not give me headaches/nausea! I am prone to vertigo, so having a stylish headband that barely feels like it's there is a must! I have purchased 3 headbands from this shop.

Jordan Yaworski

Anyone have the issue of a headband sling shoting off their head?? The struggle is real. I got this headband and it's so cute, versatile and comfortable. The best part is it doesn't sling shot off with my short hair!! Can't wait to wear it more. Thanks so much for your beautiful work!!

Amanda Hersey

The owner is so kind and makes sure her costumers are pleased with their order, never disappoints. It's my third time purchasing and I won't stop here!

Nhung Tran